I’ve long held the belief that anyone who signs a petition for a TV show has… too much time on their hands, to put it nicely. Anyone who signed the petition to get Jesse Williams fired from Grey’s is straight up DUMB (and probably/definitely racist). AS IF Shonda would be bothered by it.

Bella is decidedly not part of the Squad, but her sister Gigi is. How does that work? When you are in the same industry as your sister, and presumably the same social circles, is it just an unspoken agreement that there’s no sibling +1 (unless it’s the Haims). Or does Bella purposely abstain from the festivities?


After @versace_official show💄by my sweetest @elizabethsulcer ❤️

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A good extraction is the best and most disgusting thing in the world.

I missed this tweet when it came out because I was focused on Leslie Jones, but The Rock was following it too.

Madonna brings the family to Kenya. I’ve always found it interesting that Madonna doesn’t get much credit for being a single mom of 4, but some celebrities get a full spread in PEOPLE for burping their babies. By design, obviously.


Sitting with Mama Sofie, We are Humbled! 💘 🙏🏻

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She must be at an airport, the only place that I’ve seen a payphone in the last 5 years. Is it still 25 cents a call?


Wait...what is this thing?!

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