According to TMZ, Ciara and Russell Wilson got married today.


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Mischa has made it back to Paris for fashion week. That’s a big step. Do you love or hate the dress? I think it’s a fine choice for a jewelry event.


At the @bulgariofficial event last night #Paris #hautecouture πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ’™

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Iggy’s struggle braid.



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Solid subtle shade throwing here.

I see why Fergie feels the need for this stunt mess but I refuse to indulge in a rant about how much I hate this stupid video. But I will say this: babies can’t even drink real cow’s milk, even Adam from Girls knows that. And what good can come from sexualizing breastfeeding? OK I said two things.

For your lunchtime viewing pleasure, this Armageddon DVD commentary has been all over Twitter (apologies to the first person to dig it up, I couldn’t find the source). Ben Affleck’s best moments are when he’s detached and cocky, not intense and defensive about his friend Tom. (NSFW language.)