This one goes out to Duana.


Okay @markseliger you win for best job in the world. Shooting the brilliant @hamiltonmusical cast for @Rollingstone

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The Hills turned 10 yesterday and aren’t they all sort of where you expected them to be after 10 years? Lifestyle websites, C-list marriages, social media stars. Middling, but not forgotten. Oh and Spencer narrates US Weekly stories on Snapchat.

Tom Hanks is one of the last real movie stars, and his worst trait is lame dad jokes. It’s a nice departure from what we’ve seen this week.


Drive too fast you'll get a ticket!! Hanx

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I really want to hear what Kate Beckinsale is saying here. I’m sure it’s nothing important, just the lack of sound is piquing my curiosity.



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Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski are still together. He’s even in with Finn.


Cool guyz 📷Leica D-lux 5

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Maya and Marty premieres tonight! As you know, I’ve been excited about this for a while. And it makes sense that Miley would appear – it’s on NBC (The Voice) and she was in the Bill Murray Netflix special, along with Maya. Great choice all around.


guest starring onnnn the premiere episode of @mayaandmarty toooooniiiiiight!! Tune in on NBC at 10/9c

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I once fed a giraffe and it had a tongue like sandpaper.


Forget French Kisses. It's all about Giraffe kisses. @malibusafaris

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When I wear this type of outfit, I look like I’ve given up on life. On Diane Kruger, it could be in Vogue.


La Nuit Parisienne 😏

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Kathy Griffin calls out Kristin Chenoweth’s extensions. Remember when Tina Fey said Paris Hilton left Fraggle Rock hair all over the SNL studio?


What celebrity left this at my house? #Kathy #hair Her name rhymes w "Bistin Benoweth"

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Kind of love this: Kate Mara was an early bird at the Dior show.