Popping veins scare me.


Let's do this!!

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Fran is obviously a fountain of wisdom, and her take on fashion shows vs clothes is so astute. We wear clothes, but we are expected to worship and revere fashion and that is boring. The Balmain Army is boring. Front rows are full of bores. As she says, “Fashion shows are like almost every other event in New York, the only people who want to get in are the people who weren’t invited.”


This week on #FranSays: the aspect of fashion that’s still behind the times.

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This is a good cold relief package. I’d include a neti pot too, even though the process is gross and weird. It works like a snotty charm.

How does she look this good jumping off a bridge?



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Someone needs to tell this try-hard that Courtney Love did it better.


Deadpan princess #bitchfaceproblems

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For the three of us who care -- are Gina and Ben Schwartz done?


Never let go. I ❤️ u Norway.

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Remember TV shows about fishing that would play on the weekends? Not like the high intensity shows about catching crabs in a storm, the old school ones with just two dudes sitting quietly on a lake. Chris Pratt should have one of those shows, and he could fish with his friends like Nick Offerman.

It was a garbage weekend. Let’s hope summer is better. Let this summer be one of karate kicks and super soakers.


This summer, make like Leo and celebrate your soft mediocre dad body. (@thezenpig)

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