This seems like a lot of work to get a photo with Chevy Chase.


i was unable to get a stalkie with chevy chase -but my friend, josh, did... so i did a stalkie with his photo. #stalkie #onceremoved

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If you want Ansel Elgort emojis, today is your day. Who’s next to have an emoji line? I nominate Mariah, obviously.


ANSELFIE is here!!! You can now send ME as an emoji directly from your keyboard!! Link to download is in my bio!

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A Khaleesi-style quote and bad red dress for Amy’s fist Vogue cover. It’s not that she’s wearing it badly, I just generally hate red dresses.

Victoria Beckham for Vogue Korea looks incredible.


Excited to share my latest Vogue cover with you all! Thank u @voguekorea! X vb

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So I guess she’s back to the high half pony and her high boots. At least they aren’t white.


2 new colors #September #VivaGlam #MacAIDSfund ♡

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I keep reading cheery headlines about Lea Michele working with her boyfriend Robert Buckley. And here they are.


Just us and our very subdued director 😂 #oldemoneyboyz #Dimension404 🎬📽

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Joshua Jackson teases January Jones… they’ve been friends for a really long time, right?

You know who summers just as well, if not better, than Leo? Gwyneth. It’s all lobster rolls and garden parties in the Hamptons.


Ahhh summer. Schools out. Vodka on a weeknight. @svedkavodka #summerwithsvedka

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Wait there’s a season 2 of this? Who likes Full/er House that much? Sucked the first time around, sorry.


And so it begins again... Season 2 @FullerHouse @netflix #letsdothis

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I don’t care how much it cost, that’s some ugly ass luggage.


Woke up in Amsterdam! 🇳🇱

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Spain with Aziz would be really fun. He’d never portion-shame you and would be really into ordering everything on the menu.


Paella time. #BigBudLilBud #BudsinEspana

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