The next chapter? I think she needs to go back to chapter 1, a lot of us missed it. Remember when she had to sue her old label because they literally forgot about her?

Usher’s pants are really loud. And ugly.


feeling that hustle & chutzpah today. @usher thx for incredible chat, time to go light up the universe #CannesLions

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Reese wishes Nicole a Happy 49th Birthday.


Happy Birthday to my Aussie gal, #NicoleKidman! Shine bright today 😍😍😍

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I love that Jessica Seinfeld keeps talking about how her kids are ruining their vacation in the photo captions. It’s nice to know there isn’t enough money in the world to make a child less annoying when traveling.


Just trying to get through one f*#*#*g significant historical site without complaints

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I had to look up what “EDC” stands for. I thought it meant “Electric Dance Circus” but it actually stands for “Electric Daisy Carnival.” I’ll go back to being old now.


I didn't play but EDC was fucking amazing tbh

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Why does it have to be kode with a k? Isn’t the KK thing totally overdone now?


#KodeWithKlossy Day 1 βœ… Who knew Mondays could be so fun?

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Remember when Balthazar Getty had that scandalous affair with Sienna? Great time for gossip. Probably not so good for his wife Rosetta.


❀️shout out to these lovely ladies and my dude here Balthazar Thank you for the fun

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I’m glad Paulina finally got her championship. Did you notice she’s not wearing her Hermes belt, which she wears all the time? She wore it last year when he finished second, so I wonder if she intentionally left it at home this year. Maybe it’s bad luck.


So proud of my best friend and love of my life @djohnsonpga 2016 US OPEN CHAMPION πŸ†

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Yesterday, Kathleen posted an appreciation of Demi’s social media presence. I couldn’t agree more. But Demi couldn’t resist lecturing everyone on their priorities while threatening to delete her Twitter and Insta. Sure, but I doubt she can resist the drama for very long.