Teenage love. Sigh.



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Veep was really good this year and actually quite charming compared to real-life politics.


Getting ready to live tweet - whatever that means. #veep

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She wasn’t in Paris.


Late night shoots with the Kluminator @heidiklum ❤️

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My favourite thing about Rebel Wilson is that she’s a Harry Potter devotee.

The x’s actually work better than the flowers. Less corny.

The hardest part about being consciously uncoupled with Chris Martin must be having to go to so many Coldplay concerts.


#🍎 #🌊 #glastonbury #coldplay

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Lea Michele always looks like in an advert for yoghurt.



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Why the f-ck does Balmain have so many parties? Your clothes are gaudy and tacky, we get it.

Last week I mentioned Balthazar Getty, and it got me thinking about how quiet single Sienna is being. I expected at least one scandal by now.

How’s Demi going to go from the woman calling Mariah out to someone who tells you to “smile”? We all hate the person who tells us to “smile.”

A lot of people claim that Lauren Conrad is “basic bitch” patient zero but I think it’s because we’ve mostly forgotten about Ashley Tisdale.