Another summer in Vancouver, another year I probably won’t hike the Grouse Grind. If Neil Patrick Harris takes a gondola up, I actually feel less bad about being a lump of uselessness.

The reviews for Independence Day: Resurgence have been pretty awful across the board. Here’s Sarah’s. So what now, Liam? How many chances does he get to become a movie star? (And don’t say The Hunger Games, that had zero to do with him.) He needs Miley now more than ever.



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If my son’s 18-year-old girlfriend (or boyfriend) wrote me this note, I’d be like slow your f-cking roll. It’s a bit intense.

I will never stop wondering what Salma and Linda Evangelista’s relationship is like. But it’s also cool how they’ve never, ever made it public. It can be done.

I bet Justin Bieber is disappointed he didn’t make it into Kanye’s bed. He would have been a good pick, actually.


Me and the nashvillians!!!

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James Franco is constantly working but I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a James Franco movie.


Directing #thedeuce y'all @hbo

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Maybe he’s really listening for the sound of his own voice.