Miranda Kerr and the Snapchat dude are very serious.

I loathe science fiction too, Fran. I wouldn’t consider Game of Thrones science fiction, but I will say that the past two episodes, for me, have fallen really flat. I blame the Dorne people, even though they haven’t been on in like 4 episodes. They just suck so bad.


This week on #FranSays: @GameOfThrones and what science fiction is missing.

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I freaking love Nicki Minaj. In another post, she captioned her outfit with “Boot by #Chanel (u don’t have these yet).”[sic] She wants you to know that not only does she have it, but that you can’t. (Lainey: also note presence of Jay Z which …is why Meek Mill looks so smug?)


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“Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns.”

Someone is not liking the “Nick won’t sign off on the divorce” headlines. But if you love a butterfly, set her free Nick.

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman sometimes do these videos where she whispers what they are doing (ie going on an airplane) into the camera and he says “hi” in the background. This should not be funny. There’s no reason for it to be funny. And yet I giggle every time.


we're in london #nickofferman

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The Honest Company meets Au Fudge meets Cash Warren’s socks and underwear line, Pair of Thieves. The Mocktress Universe is collapsing into itself.