I’m going to pretend Drake has a dire wolf named Ovo.



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Is Kirsten Dunst trying to say something about they styling of this cover?



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Yesterday Lainey and I were wondering why the Wolf Pack was divided, with Lukas in Greece and Leo in New York. It’s rare they are separated. But Richie Akiva, Wolf Pack diehard, posted video from the Beyoncé concert in New York. My new theory: that’s why Leo is in NY. To be part of the Beyhive.


QUEEN πŸπŸπŸ‹πŸ‹

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So THIS WEEKEND, Riggins, Lyla, Julie and Matt will reunite for a 10-mile Spartan race. Or as I like to think of it, a double date.


Have you made your voice heard today? #rockthevote #justdoit Go #vote !!!

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Today is World Best Friend Day. Remember Fonzworth Bentley?


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If I met him, I’d try to call him “Marty” too.


Ready to speak at WME|IMG Town Hall with my DEAR FRIEND Martin Scorsese (I call him Marty LOL) #goodfriends

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And speaking of my good friend Marty, Zac had a Goodfellas moment and I was remiss not to post it earlier.


Goodfellas πŸ™

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Billy Eichner sums up a very vocal Internet demographic.