Maria’s away today so I’m filling in!

I love this lip colour on Gwen Stefani. But it’s the kind of lip colour that I think washes me out because of my skin tone. That said, I still keep trying. After all these years, I willfully forget that it doesn’t work on me until I see, again, that it doesn’t work on me.


@jamienelson6 u 4 so fly gx

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Have you seen Sarah Silverman’s new Netflix special, A Speck Of Dust yet? I love her. I love it. And she’s on the rundown right now for the next episode of Show Your Work. Because Sarah has talked about how, as a comic, she’s evolved her work, updated her jokes, understood that certain jokes don’t work in certain times. Also, the video at the end of the special, wait for it. It’s worth it for that part alone.


Yo yo thanks @stopstaringclothing for makin me look like a supah classy lady tonight ❀️

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How big is this chair in real life? Because The Rock isn’t making it look tiny. And he makes most chairs look tiny. So is this a special Rock-sized chair? I really want to size-check it with my own body, see if my feet dangle.

This is a standard-size chair. It might even be a slightly smaller than usual chair so as to enhance the size of Kevin Hart’s junk. That’s the point of this video, isn’t it? That’s what the two pears are there for? Balls…and how to contain them.

Gal Gadot covers Grazia China. Remember that article I posted last week about why Ivanka Trump is so popular in China? Because…um… she looks Chinese?! Please let Wonder Woman be more popular in China than Ivanka Trump.


Thank you for having me Grazia China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

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I just want to revisit this Beyoncé post from May 30th. Because she hasn’t posted since. And throughout this pregnancy, she’s been making a point of updating at least once a week. It’s been almost two weeks. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?



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