Stacey Dash bogarted Shonda Rhimes’s fashion moment. Whoever allowed this to happen majorly f-cked up.

This is the OG Pussy Posse (Lainey: or Wolf Pack!) at the moment Leo won.


YES!!! #family #wolves

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“I’m not Orthodox. I don’t live by the rules.” David Brent kills me every time. (And this character that holds up better than any of Sacha Baron Cohen’s.)


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Juliette Lewis is friends with Leo, but what does “I couldn’t talk about it before cuz we’re not allowed”… who wasn’t allowed to talk? And who did the forbidding?

Lena Dunham talks photoshop and thigh gap.

Taraji’s laugh is everything.

I hate to admit that this tag line made me laugh. Never Stop Never Stopping.


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I’m always puzzled when actresses say they ‘felt like a princess’ – aren’t princesses a little out of date? Particularly when it comes to fashion inspiration. But so is this, I guess.

Holy sh-t this purple monstrosity is even worse in Gif form.


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She looks so much better here than she did on the red carpet. But is Vito Schnabel hot? I can’t decide.


Post #AcademyAwards catch up with the lovebirds #HeidiKlum and Vito Schnabel

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