This note from RDJ to his son might give you some feels.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum: Scott Eastwood. He’s such a mansplainer. And why is Scott EASTWOOD trying to make himself the posterboy of hard work and hustle?

Ariel goes red, which made me think of the Little Mermaid.


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I’m so into this: Lola Leon for Stella.

Derek Hough continues his dance tour, this time with Kesha.


Lil ray of sunshine

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Carrie Underwood went ghost hunting for her birthday.


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Ew times 2.


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I hate to keep harping on Reese’s horrible purple dress, but she’s the one who keeps bringing it up. Oh and cupcakes. According to the pre-show interviews, all actresses do before the biggest red carpet in the world is stuff themselves with burgers and dessert.

This is an October Road reunion (shout-out to the three people that get that reference!).


Lost boys.

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Lying in bed, smoking and eating McDonald’s – ahhhh youth.