Nick Lachey is the Lauren Conrad of men – a basic bitch prototype.



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Reese continues the dual-brand message – powerplayer feminist producer in LA and polished Southern woman of leisure for Draper James. The duality has been such a concerted effort, even her children’s names– Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee – seem to fit the message.

Love the leggings on Melissa McCarthy and looking forward to what she pulls out for The Boss press tour.


I'm so excited to share #theBoss with everyone April 8th! Today has been such a fun press day.

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Aziz studied at the Taylor Swift School of Vacation Photo Captions. I’ve been thinking about this: 25 years ago, is Taylor the person who would set up a projector in the living room to show you her photo slides from her “life-changing” Contiki tour of Europe?


That time we finally took a vacation @ericwareheim

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These are JT’s jokes when he doesn’t have a team writing for him.


Today's PSA @justintimberlake

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Sofia Vergara needs to fire her stylist – red lace? At the Pee Wee premiere? It’s so old-fashion. Is that what’s throwing her red carpet mojo off, her outfit? She used to be so vivacious but the last few times she’s looked… pinched.


Peewees Big Hollyday!!!! @joemanganiello @peeweeherman 👏👏👏👏

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How can I be sure they are actually in the picture together? I’ve been duped before!


Not many more of these @thegoodwife_cbs on set selfies to come. We finish ep 20 tomorrow and then.......there were two!

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Katy Perry is into Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party – and so is Sarah.