I’m back, just in time for Emile Hirsch to tell us (and his fellow actors/actresses) that Twitter is not a “meaningful” way to promote films. But you know what Emile does find meaningful? Retweeting compliments. He does it a lot.

Zayn thinks Adam Levine copped his blond hair.

I’m absolutely loving Girls this season (and I’ve definitely had mixed feelings about the show overall). The Lorelai reference was so damn perfect.

Lily Allen tries to make a point about Drake. But is this a case of selective wokeness? She says that since her Hard Out Here video she’s learned about intersectional feminism. But I go back to this piece – it’s 4 years old – and it still feels fresh and pertinent to what is happening in pop culture. Because when Lily (or Miley) want to make a point about equality, why do they hold up black artists as the bad examples?

Courtney Love and Nico Tortorella (from Younger) hit up a sweat lodge in BC – I’m guessing they are on Vancouver Island.


All about a sweat lodge in the middle of nowhere ! It's an adventure ! With @nicotortorella

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Rita Ora loses another job, no one notices.

Kate Hudson’s Instagram posts have subtly changed since her custody issues became public. No pictures of girls’ nights or fun dinners and parties – these days it’s all Fabletics, fitness and clean, wholesome fun. What could be more innocent than a baby shower?

The follow-up to shEther is this Pitchfork review of Ed Sheeran’s album. Enjoy. 


Thank you to Blunty for presenting my Goldene Kamera award to me tonight in Hamburg

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Some interesting casting news: Penelope will be playing Donatella in Versace: American Crime. I think we all assumed it would be Gaga.