There’s no way she wrote this joke herself (but I still like it).

Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries in 2015. She went on to do a xXx series and Flatliners (it’s sitting at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes), as well as Crash Pad with Domhnall Gleason. She has four films in post-production on IMDb. But does Nina Dobrev have any heat? Her next project is a CBS comedy pilot. I always like a comedy push but I wonder if, from her team’s perspective, this was part of the plan.


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The last four CFDA Fashion Icon Award winners are Rihanna, Pharrell, Beyoncé and Franca Sozzani. Three out of four are first-name famous, and Franca is revered in the fashion world. Naomi is a one-name supermodel, a well-deserving recipient. Who do you think will present? My guess is Kate Moss, Donatella or Diddy.


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Duana wrote about Jameela Jamil’s Instagram outrage less than a month ago. Jameela has turned that post into its own account, calling I Weigh a movement. She is not someone who uses words frivolously, which makes me think there is a larger project in the making.


I’m guessing the ridiculously named Baskin Champion has a few new Instagram followers – but still no checkmark, even though there are tons of imposter accounts. She should get verified ASAP; it’s only a matter of time before Justin goes back to Selena.


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Katie Lee was once married to Billy Joel. She is now engaged to TV producer Ryan Biegel. In 2014, Page Six ran a retrospective on Billy’s marriages and called her “the social climber.” What did that make him?  


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I saw this and thought maybe Gordon Ramsay was doing the food for Meghan and Harry’s reception, but according to reports they are using Table Talk. Is this 100% confirmed? Because if they’ve broken tradition on the engagement photographs and wedding cake, they could probably do the same for food.

I mean the cuteness. 


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