These are Miu Miu and I’d definitely go for the black, but the satin version works too. Still, I would never pay that much for sandals I’ll wear a dozen times over a summer. My favourite fashion blog Le Catch suggested a pair in the same style family – for under $40. I got the rope version.


Decisions, decisions... #ShoeCrushSaturday

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Why January Jones can’t talk about her love for Big Little Lies.
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Telling #biglittlelies with my lunch dates @nickbrown & @derekblasberg

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They wouldn’t even walk down the street together as a married couple, but as a divorced couple she’s comfortable enough to give Chris Martin’s mum a shout-out.


Happy UK Mother's Day to all, especially this lovely Mum of 5 and extra special grandmother of 6 #alimartin 💐

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Chilli looks incredible (and that’s Jaime King photobombing in the back). What happened with her and Nick Cannon?


Just another day at the office! @50cent💪 and @jaime_king is the prettiest photo💣ever!!!!! #escapeplan2

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According to US Weekly, this is Hailie Scott, Eminem and Kim’s daughter – she’s 21. Yes this woman looks like Kim, but there’s been a lot of imposter accounts so who knows. I hate having to question US Weekly’s judgement.


Yes my pants match my closet & yes Lottie's entitled to photobomb on puppy day

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A Jared Leto throwback from the set of Requiem for a Dream. People get so mad when I say I hated this movie. Still hate it though.



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Zach Braff's new film Going Out In Style is in the “old men get revenge before they kick the bucket” genre. Remember when everyone loved, then hated, Garden State? I don’t think this movie will cause as much cultural debate.