I know we just saw OSCAR WINNER Leonardo DiCaprio with an elephant, but how can I not include him feeding an orangutang? Do you think he called him/her "Boo Boo”?

I’m so stressed about April 24 and the actors on GoT who are on Instagram are always so careful with their posts – absolutely no spoilers or set shots.


25 days. "The Climb." #GoT50

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I actually like Miley with bangs. Maybe it’s the length, they aren’t too blunt or short – they look like they almost need a trim.


My #1 gal

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Lena Dunham rewrites 1D. (And Niall is correct – this season of Girls is so good.)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Beyonce dropped her album the same day as Justin. He’d weep.



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Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon have been arguing about politics on Twitter for days… and now Kathy Nijamy and Rosie are involved.

I wonder what Chewbacca’s fur feels like.

Major boy sh-t/athlete sh-t happening at the Lakers… over Iggy Azalea. Her fiancé, Nick Young was recorded by his teammate D'Angelo Russell; the two were having a conversation about cheating. Somehow the video was leaked and there is now major drama in the locker room.


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