So if you watched UnREAL (and if you didn’t – why??) here is an interesting tidbit: Anna (pictured centered) and Adam are together in real life. So basically the fake Everlasting does its job better than the real Bachelor franchise.


Some things never change #unrealtv

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Derek Hough at the Invictus Games. Great sign.

I don’t quite understand the Panama Papers but this tweet is all I need to know about Emma Watson’s involvement.

I thought Juliette Lewis was a Scientologist. Can you be pagan and a Scientologist at the same time? I legit have no idea. When Tom and “Kate” were together, I vaguely remember him saying she could be Catholic and a Scientologist.

I don’t have a fear of flying, but I want that cockpit door locked. I don’t want to see in, and I definitely don’t want to see the pilots entertaining visitors.


Knowing I have a fear of flying, these two gave me my wings! So sweet!

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