Even the word “soda” has a bit of pretentiousness to it, right?

Jenny McCarthy is now kind of brunette. Oh and still responsible for a massive misinformation campaign surrounding vaccines.

Anne Hathaway captures Valentino in his natural habitat – on a yacht.


Frontal photo bomb with the birthday boy @realmrvalentino. Check out those shoes!

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Selena is still taking photos with fans.


San Jose, CA @revivaltour

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Um, I thought this was Amal Clooney for a second. I need a time-out.

Jessica Simpson working with producer Linda Perry – can she do for Porny what she did for Pink?



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Yesterday, I posted about Leah Remini getting her wings. I said this: “I don’t have a fear of flying, but I want that cockpit door locked. I don’t want to see in, and I definitely don’t want to see the pilots entertaining visitors.” Since then, we’ve heard from the pilot. He said: "It was during the boarding process and I did it to help a passenger that was scared. A flight attendant brought her up to us. We do this to help passengers who have a fear of flying."


Knowing I have a fear of flying, these two gave me my wings! So sweet!

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