Chris Martin and Annabelle Wallis are still going strong. If that sort of thing is of interest to you.


COLDPLAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #coldplay #incredible

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Why only 2 hair pins? What did she need them for? I have many questions about this sticky note.


@enews caught a rogue Post-it attached to my bag...Spoiler alert: it's just my very important shopping list. 😂

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I would totally use Kevin Hart emojis, even with Lainey, who hates emojis altogether.

Nicki’s stripper name, None Salmon, is trending on Twitter. It’s created using the color of one’s underwear and the last thing she ate. Mine would be White Coffee. It kind of works. (Lainey: mine would be None Squash…which does not work at all.)


Follow the rules. What's your stripper name? Mine is #NoneSalmon

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The Smith kids are deep into Michael Cera these days; he and Willow released a song Twentfortyeight 2.0 (you can hear it on Soundcloud). Now Jaden wants to work with him.

Isn’t it funny how the paps just happened to be there right after she got her hair done? What a coincidence! The fact that she specifically mentions the brand name of her extensions has nothing to do with it, OK?

Amber schools America on reality TV.


This trick's never seen "Love & Hip Hop" before @americaferrera #SisterSchooling

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How can people not want to see this movie?! Leslie Jones’s leather jacket alone is making me want to see it.


The bustiest of the Ghostbusters! Tomorrow.

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Of course Vanity Fair used a picture from 2011 to promote this Johnny Depp story. You can still see… who he was. Also I don’t care about the f-cking dog smuggling, I’m over it. Mostly because I’m over him.