I think “you’re my person” originated on Grey’s Anatomy, right? But I see a lot of couples of a certain age using it on social media. Is “you’re my person” the millennial “you’re the one”?

Adam Sandler and David Spade are promoting a new movie, The Do-Over. This one is about getting a second chance at life, or something. In the trailer, Adam wears a nametag that reads, “Maxi-Pad,” but at least there’s no overt racism (in the 3:13 preview). Hoping we get a review from Sarah.

Retta sat next to Milo at Red Nose Day and confirms what we were thinking when we watched the This Is Us trailer: he’s looking hot.

I’ve said they can be insufferable but I’ve never said they aren’t really really really good looking.


Rocking the phones for #rednoseday 9/8 central on NBC @rednosedayusa

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Andy and Kelly look so genuinely delighted to be hosting together, which must be nice change for her.


I had the greatest time co-hosting with Kelly today. Check us out again tomorrow! @livekelly

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Very good dress on SJP. But I may be biased because I’ve been loving everything she does lately, including the plastic dress.

I feel like Presley Gerber has mastered the look that Justin Bieber is going for.


My boy and his bike.

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Naomi Campbell’s birthday bounty.


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According to Rob Lowe, Halle Berry was in talks to appear on the now-canceled The Grinder.

Speaking of cancelled shows, did anyone watched the Nashville finale? What a mess. And not a hot mess, just a really bad mess. But apparently there’s still hope a streaming service will pick it up.

Rashida Jones is an interesting dresser because she knows not just how to mix patterns, but how to balance a look. Many of her contemporaries would be be tempted to go with shorter shorts and a tank top or something bare up top. She did a striped blouse. Much more stylish.


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Is Papa Knowles back in the circle of trust?


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