Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford hang out with Kid Rock. I know, right? George hangs out with him too, I’ve looked up some old photos. What does a conversation between Amal and Kid Rock sound like? (And yes, his t-shirt reads, “thrilling the most”.)


Yesterday's recovery lunch with #KidRock and friends after a great show! #UnionClarkston

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This weekend, Prime was on. And I realized that Uma Thurman’s character in the movie is the same age I am now. Here’s the boytoy, Bryan Greenberg and his fiancé Jamie Chung. It seems like they’ve been engaged for a really long time.


Getting our #integraton on. @joelewis @yaritafrita @jamiejchung

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Is it possible that Victoria and David have the only kids in the world that aren’t ever annoying? Brooklyn and Harper making pizza.


Making pizza with my little sister

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Hayden blows bubbles for Briar.


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Adrien Brody’s body double. (It took me a minute to notice what’s going on here.)


Leo’s bonafide Kelly is in Tahiti, and so is Jen Meyer Maguire (Tobey’s wife) with the kids, and Leo’s mom’s boyfriend. So it’s a family vacation – could this be getting serious?


Tahiti ā¤ļø

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āœŒšŸ»ļø xo #jennifermeyer #xojm

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Life goes on for the Brady family. Planting trees is supposed to bring good luck, right?