Many outlets are reporting that Jay Z joined Instagram and quit after one post. I think more social media would be good for Jay, considering that he’s trying to keep Tidal afloat. It lives on social media, so he should too. The account @hovsince96, is gone, but here is his one and only photo.

If the MTV Awards didn’t happen this weekend, the Tidal/Apple/Drake mess would have been a much larger story. Tidal really needs to get its sh-t together, they are playing things all wrong. (In case you missed it, Tidal said Apple was blocking the streaming of Drake’s appearance at LilWeezyanaFest because of an exclusivity contract. Drake’s manager said that’s a lie.) What is going on over there?

Wilmer Valderrama gets a taste of real Vancouver weather.


Riiiiiiiiiggghhhttt..... So there is the Van everyone kept talking about LOL... ☔️ #Vancouver

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Demi Lovato HATES to be criticised. Is this even a dig? It’s pretty mild.

When does a squad just become a pack of minions? Honestly Taylor is basically Leonardo DiCaprio, but with more models on her arm.


Susan Sarandon loves Burning Man.


These boots were made for BurninG Man. @officinecreative_official @madisonshoes

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My pick for worst dressed goes to Rita Ora. Who wears Vera Wang to the MTV Awards?



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Jared Leto doesn’t want to be humped by Miley Cyrus. Imagine how terrible that plastic suit would feel rubbing up against you.


When you're trying to hump Jared Leto but he is just innocently telling you a secret

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If you want an air kiss from Diane Kruger, today is your day.


Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! #Heimat #Familie #shortbutsweet

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