Today’s opener was all about Leah Remini and her new book, which she is out promoting on talk shows and signings. Well she posted this on her Instagram a few days ago, and then fellow Scientology defector Paul Haggis posted, in part: “This is another Paul Haggis; I would never be so dumb.” What in the Xenu is going on?


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Lainey picked her favourite celebrity Halloween costume, and this is my favourite celebrity-endorsed Halloween costume, Lil’ Kim Davis.

Most meta goes to Deadpool dressed as Deadpool.

Best kids-dressed-as-celebrity-adults goes to Britney and Justin (which Britney actually reposted) and Solange on her wedding day.


#Repost @monicarosestyle ・・・ #britneyandjustinforever #FBF #AMAs #HappyHalloween 🎃🍬👻 #britneyween

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The absolute sweetest ❤️❤️❤️

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It took me a minute to see what Ellen Pompeo is referring to, but I’ll give you a hint: up and to the left.


This is a private family photo that I decided to share because of what appeared in the image...

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Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer on a roadtrip – I hope they get a script out of it.


And today it is tiny road trip. And forever it is LOVE. @therealoctaviaspencer

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I think Calvin Harris poses harder than Victoria Beckham.


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“But seriously how does my f-cking chin look? I will f-cking kill you.” That cracked me up.