My favourite part of the GQ/Taylor Swift profile is when they referred to Scott Eastwood as “Clint Eastwood’s son.” That’s the only mention and they don’t even bother with a qualifier like “actor” or even his name.


Is she wearing a jersey or a dress or a jersey dress?


Most people would write "#squadgoals" in this moment @ny_islanders @nhl #isles

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Eminem is 43, which makes me feel old even though I’m (significantly!) younger than him. (OK not significantly.)


Amazing color and overall look on Mindy. I finally read Why Not Me? this weekend, loved it from start to finish. Even more than Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? She works so hard! And deserves… more, even though she has a lot. Also I liked that her stories are very thinly veiled blind items and you can easily Google the journalist who commented on her jam intake (ahem, Vanity Fair).


Why do boys like horseplay so much? Someone always ends up with a bloody nose. Although I’m guessing in the Beckham household it stops the second someone’s hair is messed up.




In your dreams dad @davidbeckham

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Mariah finds a way to Christmas-ize Halloween. When do you think she’ll pull out her custom-made Mrs. Claus outfit?



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Remember when he went on Howard Stern and talked about having sex with her?


Channing Tatum makes a disturbing Winnie the Pooh.