Vanessa Paradis for Chanel - I would be jealous if I was Amber Heard, too.  



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Hollywood’s gender casting box. “Over 40s” get their own drawer, separate from the attractive under 30s.


Wow. Doesn't get much clearer than that. A pic from a casting a friend went to. "VICTIM TYPE GIRLS IN THEIR 20's FYI you are a WOMAN when you are in your 20's- assholes. Then we move onto "ATTRACTIVE WOMEN UNDER 30" Weird? I thought they were girls. (Also, how could there possibly be room for women that aren't "attractive" and if you hit 30 than you aren't attractive. Then, we just fucking SKIP 30-40 (because apparently that age range "POOF!" has been wiped from the planet *that is breaking news*) To re-cap- we have girl victims, hot chicks, a non-existent age group (so I guess I'm speaking from the grave) then plain ol' over 40's.... #Repost @whitneymadren ・・・ I hope there are more boxes #thisisthirty #showbiz

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Madonna’s pre-show ritual – with Debi Mazar!


New rule: anytime someone posts a photo of Dave Grohl from Instagram I will share it.


Holy sh-t, Tami Taylor and Jessie Pinkman. (In my Breaking Bad/Friday Night Lights fanfic crossover, Coach and Mrs. Taylor gives Jesse a good talking to and turns his life around.)


Happy Birthday to Gooooooppppp.


Sam Smith loses his helicopter virginity with Cara.


Helicopter Virginity has been taken @caradelevingne ❤️

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Will the American Idol finale mean anything in this crowded TV landscape? I’d watch if they brought Paula back for a slurry goodbye.


hi Jen #idolauditions

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