Absolutely love Tracee Ellis Ross on the cover of WWD. A skirt with a chunky sweater is such an underrated look.

I don’t know much about Kate Upton except for the indisputable fact that she gets the worst Met Gala dresses. In September, she criticized NFL players for taking a knee during the US national anthem – an act of protest against systemic racial injustice. She felt it was disrespectful, particularly on 9/11. She said “protest all you want,” except, I guess, except when she thinks you shouldn’t.. Last night, she went on a Twitter tear because her boyfriend, Justin didn’t win the Cy Young Award. Some would say it was a social media protest. Some things are really worth fighting for.

My family has “who can kick the highest” competitions and someone always falls on their ass. There’s a lot of arguing but never a definitive winner (even though I can clearly kick the highest).

Denzel visited the Hairspray set and everyone gravitated towards him, forming a circle and asking questions that he took time to answer. Which is totally acceptable when a proper A-lister shows up unexpectedly. Clooney would answer questions. Tom Hanks definitely would. Julia would have to be in the right mood – a righteous, lecturing mood – to bless them with her teary eye and honking laugh. I mean this in the best way – I love her.

I’ve always liked Madewell more than J.Crew – Madewell has the best jeans and striped tops.

Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are starring on a reality show together – Planet of the Apps. Do you think Jessica has offered to stock G’s trailer with Honest Beauty makeup? And do you think Gwyneth responded with, “Oh thank you that’s so sweet, you probably have loads extra. The colors are really quirky, I don’t know if I can pull them off! I should be fine for now, I saved some Phyto-Pigments from my Juice Beauty line, I’m so worried about it selling out completely.”

There’s nothing subtle about this, but I guess if you are going to take a jacket (or 5) you should say thank you.

Adam Scott sums up the end of 2016.