I love Christmas movies that involves a bunch of family members going home for the holidays. The way Danny Glover mutters “who is this white man” kills me.


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I just want to point out that Snoop hangs out with Sofia Richie, who is 18. Snoop is 45. He has a grandchild. I briefly scanned a headline that said she’s hanging with Brooklyn Beckham and possibly Anwar Hadid. If true, that’s exactly what she should be doing.


Win πŸ†

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E! says that Bradley and Irina are talking marriage. He’s about to direct his first feature, probably not the best timing.

UM why you gotta bring Backstreet Boys into this Brad Falchuk? Also it’s curious that he uses a photo of Tom Brady as his avatar. In my experience, angry men on Twitter often overlap with hardcore sports fans.

Jessica Simpson does not ever want you to forget she has big boobs. She’s like Mariah that way.


Danny Zuko and "Sandra Double Dee" πŸ‘» #AboutLastNight

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The neck – Nora Ephron talked about this. What can you do about the neck? I have horizontal lines, I think they are getting worse from working on a phone/computer all the time. You can’t Botox it, fillers are iffy, most facial laser treatments don’t go below the jaw line, creams don’t work. I don’t like turtlenecks. Someone suggested a neck lift but said even that doesn’t guarantee the lines go away (and plastic surgery scares me). What can I do?


Just saw our close up. #neck @veephbo @mrtonyhale

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