Besides the obvious answer of, “she’s a genius,” how does J.K. Rowling manage to explain a complex character in one eloquent, perfectly written tweet?

OMG Zayn is wearing Gigi’s glasses!!!!! This has to be serious, right? I don’t let anyone touch my glasses, I don’t even like it when people try them on. Once the arms stretch they never go back.

This is so wrong. Courtney Love should be smoking and cursing at someone not making tiny gingerbread houses.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Making tiny gingerbread houses with Marissa Fraering #thanksgiving

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If you follow Jaime King you know she’s the most extra grateful, most gratitude giving person in the world. So Thanksgiving is like quadruple extra most special gratitude.

Question: Is there ever a time to stop selling? Jessica Alba is celebrating Thanksgiving with Honest Beauty concealer and creme blush. I don’t know if it’s admirable hustle or enough already overkill.

Thanksgiving is a day to dress up like a terrifying animal and jump out of leaves and scare the sh-t out of your children kind of holiday in the Brady/Bundchen household.


So thankful for everyone's support this year... Happy Thanksgiving to all! #TurkeyTom

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, November 26, 2015

There’re a million pictures of turkey dinner but the only one that really interests me is John Legend’s deep fried creation. Does the meat come out less dry that way?


Return of the deep fried turkey!! #thanksgiving

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