No matter how rich or famous or critically acclaimed you are, when your friend gets married, you will end up in Vegas drinking out of a penis straw.


What to do when your bestie gets married? You throw a 3 day bachelorette party. @jessweixler #vegas #sexywexybachelorette

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For a second I thought Aziz and Amy were holding hands in this picture and I got really excited.


Thanksgiving dreams

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Mindy Kaling has a Narcos revelation. (Wait until she finds out the man who plays Pablo is hot in real life.)

To me, book recommendations are like restaurant recommendations. I have to trust your taste level to take it. That being said, would you take a book reco from Britney Spears?


Yeah I know I've got a big forehead... but it was a really great book!

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James Franco is cute with his mom. And after being exposed to Jesse Eisenberg’s writing, I find James much more endearing.

Blake Lively is still working on that sexy shark movie, or as Sarah calls it, Open Water 2: Buoy Boogaloo.

Scott Eastwood is such a goddamn tool.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris celebrate Anna's birthday with a bottle of finely rated wine. (This is exactly how I would choose a wine, too.)

In the intro today, Lainey mentioned her friend Jann Arden’s new Christmas album. You know who else loves it? Michael Buble via Rod Stewart.