I try really hard not to judge people who use crystals. Really hard.

I love how she is posing beside a soundboard to promote a clothing line. She’s not even pretending to be a singer anymore.

I too am tired of Twitter threads. Besides that, Jon Hendren has the best Twitter handle.

My kids are obsessed with wrestling so it’s on at least twice a week in our house. It’s a fascinating look at marketing and brand development because it’s obvious every single character is hoping to be the next Dwayne Johnson. (I saw Moana on the weekend and wholeheartedly agree with Sarah.)


Grateful to share this EXCLUSIVE NEW COVER w/ you. Failure can be a cool & powerful thing.. When I was 15yrs old and started playing football, I had a dream that one day I'd play in the NFL and be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Keep in mind, at 15, I also considered becoming a pro-boxer 'cause I thought I could be beat Mike Tyson who at that time, became the youngest ever Heavyweight Champ, so clearly my goals were extremely ambitious if not crack pipe level impossible. I failed to make it to the NFL (as well as got cut from the Canadian Football League). But my football failure created a drive that still pushes me today. Now years later THE COVER of @SportsIllustrated dream & goal was just achieved. Holy shit! (that's the 15yr old in me talkin';). At the end of the day, I want to surround myself with the hungriest and most brilliant team, because I never want to just play in the game, I always want change the way the game played. And thank God I didn't fight Mike Tyson. #FromAthleteToCEO #ToTheCoverOfSportsIllustrated #SevenBucksProds #1Baller *LINK TO FULL STORY IN MY BIO

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To be totally honest, I didn’t realize SJP had quit Twitter, which she calls “a fest of vitriol,” until I read this.

Raya is a dating app for “elite creative” (ie celebrites) and hot and/or rich people. This Vogue essay breaks down how that works out in real life. I think Retta is too good for this and we should start Gossip Genie’ing her options.

Sweet sentiment but honestly is that the best photo you could find, Hugh. This is such a husband move.


Happy birthday @deborralee ! I love you with all my heart.

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I’m out of ways to describe the face he makes. Did he sneeze one day and it got stuck in that expression?