Sarah Michelle Gellar wishes Michelle Trachtenberg a Happy Birthday, but what interested me here is her take on makeup, because I agree with it. As I get older, I wear less and less.

Ally Sheedy is trying to use some nostalgic goodwill to get the receipts.

If Amy Adams wasn’t so low-key, my smutty senses would be tingling about Jeremy Renner’s posts about her. But I said IF.


U.K. Premiere #bfi #ampas #arrivalmovie thx for the love London #amyadams

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What does this mean Ed, that you watched Narcos? Are you in South America? Do you think you look like someone on Narcos? Or is it just the moustache?



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Halle Berry gets stood up by Kevin Hart.

This reminds me I need to catch up on The Mindy Project.


Meet Ben Miller on #TheMindyProject streaming now on @hulu

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Lainey’s obsession, going strong.


Sunday Morning ❤️

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Jaden Smith posts these white boxes a lot. I’m sure it has some deep philosophical meaning that my shallow mind can’t grasp. Like modern art.


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Gigi on tour. I know models do personal appearances all the time, but has a model ever attracted a crowd like a pop star or a movie star – at an airport or hanging outside their hotel? Maybe Kendall? I don’t know.


Love. Thank you Dubai! ❤️ @tommyxgigi #togethertour

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Hey look it’s Tom Cruise. I love how he perches on the end of the chair so his feet touch the ground. Classic short person move. (I would know.)