Lainey has to pee all the time, too. You either have one of those friends or you are that friend.

Yesterday, Rihanna had something to say on Instagram. Is this Drake’s response?


Too mix up in drama to free my mind but I'm praying for you even in your darkest times. πŸ’€

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Aziz and his dad at Nick Kroll’s new-to-Broadway play Oh, Hello. Jon Hamm and John Slattery are the understudies – I would definitely not be mad if that “Tonight, the role of…” announcement came on before the show started.


Last night we prahnked our first father/son duo and we became the Masters of FUN lolololololol!! #2much2na

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I am a bad Canadian and missed this photo of Alanis, Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk and Steve Nash celebrating Thanksgiving together.

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau took Emma Watson on a scooter tour.


Definitely a highlight of my year was meeting this person. Which First Lady picks you up on a Vespa before your meetings to personally show you why she loves her city and her country? It was one of the most free and inspiring mornings I have had all year- not what I expected from someone who is as busy as she must be. She's a yogi, feminist, artist, advocate, mother, warrior and all round gold hearted person. What a privilege it is to have met her. Welcome to Instagram Sophie! ❀ Bonjour! I'm looking forward to being able to see your adventures and especially witness the work you do on behalf of women and girls. P.s she did the driving and we both wore helmets! @sophiegregoiretrudeau #internationaldayofthegirl #ottawa #canada

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JLO and Marc Anthony are next-level consciously uncoupled. They are recording an album together. Most ex-spouses I know can’t even be at the same party.


Studio shenanigans... Oh Deer!! #makinghistory #again #funtimes #familia Lol!!

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This is Boyd Holbrook (the blonde American cop on Narcos). He is playing the villain in the new Wolverine movie, Logan. For months I’ve been saying he has shades of Charlie Hunnam hotness in him. Does this photo prove it?



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Bleacher Report has a story up about Demi Lovato wanting a UFC match. She has been a fan for a very long time and trains with Jay Glazer from Unbreakable Performance Center, a favourite spot of professional athletes. And she’s taking 2017 off from “the industry” so this might actually happen.