The lower-tier tabs were floating a rumour that Gwyneth and Brad II (as I like to call him) had broken up. Doesn’t look like it.


Birthday fireworks for @rstrauss16 brought out the kid in all of us 💥

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I was hoping Lady Gaga named her album after Joanne The Scammer, but no it’s her middle name.


Cuz that's my middle name, & my daddy named me after his sister. ✌️So I named this album #JOANNE

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Mae Whitman checks on Edward Snowden. But even if he was single, how would you get a hold of him?


spoiler alert: he isn't :/

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I want to know what special touches Lindsay gave the “Lohan” nightclub. Extra bathroom stalls so people who actually need to pee aren’t held up by the partying? Breathalyzers at the valet?


🔺LOHAN NIGHTCLUB 🔺 #openingNIGHT #athens @dennis_papageo ❤️we did good!!!!! 🙏

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Blake and Ryan’s couple crush, Adam and Jackie from The Country Kitchen. Ryan looks much happier than he did on the #Taymerica rocking chairs.

Ryan Seacrest probably goes to sleep with a mic on, he’s always working. I’d be very curious to hear his (real) thoughts about Billy Bush.


creative meeting for an idea @drlancerrx and I have #polished

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