OF COURSE Madonna goes on top.


Human pyramid starring @madonna

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Billy Eichner takes the angriest selfies.


Very Top Gun. #OrTimGunn

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Demi Lovato has gone blonde.


Blondie ❤️

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Journalist Annie Lowrey has a thread on Trump supporter Wayne Newton (which I came across via BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen). I knew there was something off about this creep the first time I watched Vegas Vacation.

George Takei is just going to casually slide these receipts across the table. Like a gentleman.

“Barbie is a starter kit for the Real Housewives.” Wanda Sykes is great on Ellen. If you have a chance, watch her older Oprah Anniversary clip.

Eminem thanks LL and Nicki for his birthday wishes. Do you think he still has this pink ALF shirt?


Thanks for the bday wishes

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Has everyone seen this photo? Is this one of those pictures that has been floating around the internet forever and I’m the last to see it? It’s Eva Mendes getting Alyssa Milano’s autograph.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, one of The Chainsmokers (does it matter which?) said Perfect Illusion sucks. Gaga tweeted her new single at them and they responded nicely. And now they can deal with Little Monsters bombarding their Twitter feed forever and ever.

This is what Rihanna does that so many can’t do – interesting street style. She’s experimental but never looks like a Try Hard asshole. Imagine this on Katy Perry or Taylor (if she ever gave up her crop tops) or Ariana Grande. It would look like they were trying to create a “moment.” Rihanna just looks like she’s off to her next glass of wine.


dat eazy.

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