Gifs are so much more effective than hashtags.

Victoria Beckham for Target – great move for her brand. She has really done an excellent job of turning her denim line (remember the flared boot cut and stars on the pockets?) into a fashion house.

A rare Hiddleston post on Instagram. He has nice skin.

I get the feeling that Ryan is saving all these for a book of Dad Jokes.

Dana Brunetti, producer of 50 Shades of Grey, House of Cards and The Social Network (and the guy Vanity Fair called the “most openly disliked and most secretly beloved” executive in Hollywood) wants the Producers Guild of America to know he is not the one.

This song is so unequivocally awful so I don’t think I’m the only one who deserves to have it stuck in my head all day. Also I love dumb jokes.

Creeper shot: Jake on a train.


Bae was on a train in NY few hours ago😍❤

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A few days ago, Lainey wrote about Beyoncé’s Tidal X 1015 performance. Is it any wonder that Lauryn Hill, who everyone bows down to, is looking at her like that?