Taylor Swift probably doesn’t miss this face. Especially if that’s his finish face.


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Bella’s cheering is a little bit extra. There’s still like 842 NHL games left in the season.


Apparently also very into hockey

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You shouldn’t judge a movie by its poster but did she direct in chalk?

As Lainey wrote yesterday, there’s nothing to the Sofia Richie and Tobey Maguire rumours. The real reason to worry about Sofia? She’s hanging out with Paris Hilton. How quickly do you think big sister Nicole is going to shut this down?


Great times @officialplt

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Does anyone watch The Ranch? I’m not being snarky I’m genuinely curious, I have heard nothing about it. If you do, tell me your thoughts.

The NFL’s ratings are down and many are quick to blame Colin Kaepernick – one player’s quiet protest can have that effect? “Anger, deceit and oversaturation” seems to make a lot more sense .


💗Go papai go! #gopats

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