At least two of these had to be professionally done. You know how I can tell? Look at that common smiley face in the left corner. How do you go from that to a flaming skull?


Sunday carving 🎃 #HalloweenReady

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I’m thoroughly enjoying Divorce, and that’s mostly because SJP is so goddamn watchable and Thomas Haden Church is exactly the right kind of annoying husband, the type who repeats jokes back to the television while he’s watching. But why are their children so awful?

Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar attended Martha Stewart’s American Made summit this weekend. Blake Lively did it a few years ago for Preserve. It’s basically the Martha Stamp of Approval (which is probably homemade made out of repurposed rubber and uses organic ink pads scented with lavender).


I was honored to be part of @marthastewart #americanmademsl representing innovation in food @foodstirs #foodstirs

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Matthew McConaughey shows up for the troops and The Rock – who could say no to him?

Bradley visits Gaga backstage at SNL. How long until those rumours start?


✌🏼️were so excited for our📽🎞🎞🎞🎞🎞! A STAR IS BORN

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Gregg Sulkin was majorly dragged for promoting this dumb hat, which is beyond f-cking stupid. But his Twitter bio, “How can 140 characters define someone?” is much more offensive. (If you are asking who Gregg Sulkin is, he’s an actor from Pretty Little Liars and Bella Thorne’s ex boyfriend. Never mind, that probably didn’t’ help.)

Lea Michele will most certainly launch a lifestyle/fitness/athleisure brand, I’m just not sure if it will include clothing. Is she ready to go up against her friend Kate and Fabletics? Or is that the goal?


NYC // Yesterday at our @shape event! 😀GLAM: @sarahpotempa @meredithbaraf STYLE: @bradgoreski 💕

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Goop has added a new editorial feature, a direct letter from GP. I’m guessing this came out of the responses from the most recent reader survey. I don’t think the audience is ready for a G-free Goop quite yet. (This is also an opportunity for her to get back to the original ethos of the company and lord her amazing life over everyone’s head in the guise of helpfulness.)


#CheckYourInbox 💌 Your special note from GP is waiting.

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