Is this considered a honeymoon baby, or was it shortly thereafter? It’s been just under 4 months since they got married. I can’t wait to see these pregnancy photos (and I never say that about anyone). Russell will be so into it.

Have you been following this mess with Scottie Pippen/Larsa Pippen/Future? Apparently Larsa and Future have grown… close. Scottie and Larsa, who have 4 kids together, have recently announced their separation. Larsa’s source are saying that her “friendship” with Future is nothing compared to what Scottie gets up to. And it’s getting messier by the day.

This is exactly how I’d picture a birthday party thrown by Blake Lively would look like. All that’s missing: homemade cupcakes.

Kirsten Dunst’s Halloween inspiration – Jesse Plemons could totally pull off Matt Damon as Scott.


Behind the Candelabra #halloweendreams #liberace #babyboy

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No one loves anyone this much.


Found by @elisabethmossofficial and @goldiegoldberg in Toronto. That's some big love right there. #greetingcards

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And so it begins: there will be at least one sick person in your life until mid-April.

Jessica Simpson’s long sparkly nails belong with these pants.


Nail'd it πŸ’…πŸΌ @enamelle #FFANY #Shoes4ACure

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Is this Pharrell’s toy collection?!



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