If only this debate was televised.

Judge Judy does not suffer fools.

Derek Blasberg’s Givenchy drive-thru quip is cute but I’m more interested in Irina’s comment about the Ritz.


Givenchy has a drive-thru window now! @irinashayk @riccardotisci17

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Tig Notaro’s Twitter feed is run by her friends (and friends of friends). Jeff Wattenhofer briefly went rogue, and is demanding a return to NBC circa 2007. This actually seems like a storyline on an Aaron Sorkin show. Cue the old white guy’s righteous monologue on the state of the world.

If a vegan eats a vegan cake and doesn’t tell everyone that it is vegan, did it even happen?

The Washington Post has a theory on when Taylor’s new album will drop. Meanwhile, in response to Demi Lovato, Taylor’s sources pulled a Gretchen Wieners: “I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.”

A mini Parenthood reunion with Crosby and Jasmine. Is This Is Us filling the Parenthood void for you? It definitely stacks up, except for the fact that NBC is f-cking around and put it on a three-week hiatus after 2 episodes, and changed the night it airs. Because that’s a great way to keep viewers excited in the age of on-demand and streaming.


Crosby and Jasmine date night. We forced @talibkweli into the third wheel role. CC @joybeezy

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Bella Hadid’s Starboy. I am a little surprised they’ve made it this long, but maybe musicians/models are really that compatible.


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