Sean Lennon thinks the term mansplaining is sexist… towards men. And then he explained why.

Cartoon villain Martin Shkreli threatens to beat up Captain America. Hahahahahahaha.

Is there a rule that when you are participating in or judging a beauty pageant you have to dress like you are going to the prom in 1988? Oh and shout-out to bro-country singer Cole Swindell, who couldn’t be bothered to take off his baseball cap while rating women on their appearance.


The Best Time With This Amazing Crew Last Night!

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Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. are planning a new project together.

Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin and Anna Camp got married this weekend – Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow were there. Why are my acca-smutty senses tingling re: Anna Kendrick?


Pitches representing x

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Fashion week is typically contrived and boring but I’m always up for a Zoe and Lola hang.


Fa Fa fashion. @alexwangny - you Killed it

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Zendaya celebrates the stylist behind her look (and Celine’s, too).


I'm so proud of you....the man behind it all @luxurylaw

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Hilary Swank has a Dr. Olivia Benson sighting.


I spy with my little eye one @therealmariskahargitay 😜#UsOpen

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Paul Rudd is drinking the same unicorn blood as Rob Lowe. He is actively not aging.

A mini FNL reunion – the best kind.


Garrity. Six. #FNL #Cinespia

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