Naomi Watts, Mark Ruffalo and Olivia Wilde took an art class together.

Lindsay Lohan takes photos of herself in the change room.


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Leo traded in the Wolf Pack for UN Messengers of Peace.


I’m at the UN today to observe #PeaceDay and support #GlobalGoals. I’m inspired by how far we have come in the fight against #climatechange and I’m optimistic that we can alter the course of our planet’s history before it’s too late. #Regram #RG @janegoodallinst: This is a #dreamteam of @unitednations Messengers of Peace! @leonardodicaprio and #michaeldouglas represent initiatives to stop climate change and disarm nuclear weapons, respectively, and met with Dr. Jane Goodall to move us all to commit to sustainable development and an effort toward peace for our future. What would you ask this group? Follow along on snapchat and Twitter @janegoodallinst and on the Dr Jane Goodall and JGI Facebook pages! #sdg #peaceday #leodicaprio #janegoodall #janegoodalltalk

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Mindy Kaling has finally met her match.


Soul mates

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I like to call Kate Upton’s new brand, “America F-ck Yeah!”


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Fallon had Trump on last night, and there’s been some criticism from respected comedians, writers and TV people on Twitter. As someone who has never liked Fallon’s brand of goofy likeability at all costs, I say, “Welcome.”

When you have a few minutes today, read this story in New York Magazine about a reporter’s encounter with Bethenny Frankel at a “Most Stylish New Yorkers” party, attended by the likes of Frankie Grande. On its face, it’s embarrassing (for Bethenny), but it also speaks to the unrelenting power celebrities, even minor ones, can exercise over media outlets. Bachelorettes demanding not to be asked about The Bachelor. Housewives snapping on red carpets. No photos or interviews allowed inside a press party. It’s absurd.


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