Smutty Social Media, September 19, 2016

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As Lainey mentioned, the FNL alumni were in full force at The Emmys. Luke, Six and Saracen were representing the night before.


6. 7. 44. #FNL #EveningBefore @zachgilford713 @mattlauria #TexasForever

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Peak TV: Aziz Ansari’s parents and Peter Dinklage in the same photo! Well if you squint you can see Peter in the background.


Just wanted to thank these guys for giving me everything and more! #Emmy

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January Jones posted a bunch of pictures from The Emmys centering around Mad Men. It felt a little desperate, and a little sad. It is like someone who will take any opportunity to tell you she was Prom Queen, even though she’s well out of high school. It also reminded us that January used to get really, really good dresses.

We know Katy and Taylor have no problem making their pettiness known, which is not a bad thing. It’s a great thing for us. Katy’s tweet to America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal is genuine, sure, but it’s also toying with Taylor. Grace, a 12-year-old singer/songwriter, has been compared to Taylor. And when she won, Taylor sent her flowers. They are both vying for the public affection of a tween, which is kind of symbolic, no?

This is Neil Patrick Harris’s dream guest list for dinner. We could have our parties on the same night because there’d be no crossover (I’d pick Michelle over Barack, but he’d be welcome to stop by for dessert). Amy Schumer, really?

Marnie Michaels vs. Carrie Bradshaw. Obviously apartments on TV are unrealistic, New York apartments in particular. But in being realistic, Marnie’s apartment strongly informed her storyline – particularly that goddamn wall.


Carrie Bradshaw's apartment vs. Marnie Michaels' apartment. Holy s*%#! #ShowerInTheKitchen #Girls #BeforeTheWall

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Kanye West has given up his phone and joined Instagram. How does that work, does he look at social media on his iPad?


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I think when Miley looks back at her youth, Patrick will be her shame f-ck.

Brad didn’t bring G to the Emmys. Is she going to maintain her precious “no red carpet” rule with him too?


#Emmy time.

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I love Jessica Seinfeld’s dress, probably one of my favourites of the night (not that there was stiff competition). Do you think she had to buy it, or Dior lent it? I say bought, just because there’s not a lot of Dior at the Emmys.

To me, Jessica Alba’s face in this picture says, “Please let The Honest Company’s acquisition go through so I don’t have to sell my husband’s sock line on Instagram anymore.”


#cozywifehappylife @pairofthieves #luxe #cashmere -coming soon

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Sarah Silverman’s picture of Michael Sheen is nice, but the comments between her and Kate Beckinsale re: Michael and Kate’s daughter made me chuckle.


Ok whatever I love him relax take a chill pill

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Something for everyone on Monday: Charlie Hunnam, Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham continue the 22 push up challenge. You know what they are all quite good at (besides push-ups)? Teasing and goading one another (like Jason talking about Guy’s “whiny voice”) without minimizing the challenge.


@22PushupChallenge @jaseflem123 @guyritchie

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