Are you caught up on Jane the Virgin? If you aren’t, don’t read to the very end of this post, because I will have a Jane the Virgin spoiler down there. I’m warning you now. With that, here is Alex Pettyfer (remember him?) working on Family Guy. 


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Reese Witherspoon collected (or has been collected?) by Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. 


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Issa Rae’s face, and the explanation for her face, is meme-worthy.

I have a new appreciation for The Fonz. I really liked Barry and think he totally deserved to win, but beyond that, I read the comments on Nancy Meyers’ Instagram and there are so many people – fans at the airport, limo drivers, college students who met him in a drama class –who say how lovely he is. 




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InStyle committed the cardinal sin of mentioning that Blake Lively has been wearing a lot of pantsuits. So where is the “clapback” that some women are “yaaaaaasssss queen”-ing her for? Do you think she will get self-righteous when it involves a major fashion magazine with a celebrity-friendly editor? Nah, she saves that for a fashion blogger. As Lainey (via Duana) pointed out, she is indignant because she can be, but she doesn’t know what she is reacting to. It’s a terrible quality in a celebrity. You know who else has it? ScarJo. Ryan Reynolds has a type. 


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Penelope Cruz is committed to wearing feathers on the red carpet. But this look, for Ellen, could have worked for the Emmys. I’d lose the belt, but I do like the one-shoulder sequin top. 


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Here’s a video of Gina Rodriguez doing one thousand push-ups. That’s not a typo – 1,000. It looks like she moved locations a few times, but this is definitely in a short span of time. Not only is she doing the push-ups, but she also stops to correct their counting when they have the wrong number. I could also do 1,000 push-ups (it would take me about 5 years).


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