Idina Menzel’s first magazine cover, which is kind of crazy.


Hanging at Billboard listening to my new album and they have my first magazine cover ever! #memories

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Kristen Bell’s new show The Good Place is getting pretty good reviews. It’s my homework this weekend.

Katy Perry has found her Disney prince. This should end well.


❤️when you find your prince❤️

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I don’t think Brad will be taking Melissa up on this offer. He has enough problems right now.

Mrs. West said that members of Taylor’s squad contacted her after she threw down receipts on Snapchat. Who do you think reached out? I’m guessing Gigi, as a peacemaker. She has interests on both sides.


yesterday 🕶

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And speaking of the squad, everyone knows Taylor loves Det. Olivia Benson. Everyone loves Det. Olivia Benson. But this article posits that TV shows (like Law & Order SVU) make police brutality acceptable. Definitely worth a read this weekend .


#HappyMonday #HappySVU18Week #HappyDaysAreHereAgain #ComeOnGetHappy #HappyHeart #JoyfulHeart

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I’m on my second viewing of the pilot of This Is Us. I just don’t know about this yet. But these two do have great chemistry.

Chris Pratt responded to this tweet in the most Chris Pratt way. This morning I watched him co-host LIVE! with Kelly and he just gave away a trip to Mexico to a woman who got her trivia answer wrong (he gave her a second chance because there was “still time”). Kelly is half-laughing, half bewildered. Is he genuinely this nice? Is that possible?