Great styling here for Hilary Duff. She looks younger now than she did 5 years ago. (The top here is a standout, it’s Johanna Ortiz.)

Lainey’s eye surgery fell on Gwyneth’s birthday, which I hope brings Lainey good fortune.

Where’s the mute button on Brody Jenner? And way to turn off the comments after your ass got dragged, bro. Not all DJs matter.


All lives matter.

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Can I confess I’ve never gotten into Freaks & Geeks?

Last night, the US presidential debate obviously dominated Twitter. But “Snifflelufugus” stood out for me.

Third Best Joker Jared Leto gets super excited about flipping a pancake. But why is there so much stuff on his counter? Celebrities always have the messiest kitchens.

I’m sure Blake made him a cup of warm cocoa before bed, too.

Marion Cotillard did an excellent job of extracting herself from the Brange mess. It helps that she’s not in any way a famewhore, and it goes to show that excluding oneself from a narrative – even the biggest narrative in celebrity gossip – can be done.