Diane Kruger had a colour mishap trying to cover up her grey hair and I can relate. I have very stubborn grey hair and a lot of it – I get my roots touched up every four weeks and I’ve been very tempted to try a box but haven’t for various reasons and this is one of them: colour correction is expensive and very time consuming. 


Leah Remini did not attend Bennifer’s wedding because she was preparing for her daughter to go off to college. Clearly this is a huge milestone and Leah didn’t want to miss a second of it, which is understandable. A little more suspect is that she has not liked any of JLo’s wedding posts. Fine, you can’t go to the wedding but anyone can hit a “like” button and we do it all the time on celebratory posts for friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. They were tight, very tight, and this is what sticks out to me more than not attending. Not even a like?! I don’t think it has anything to do with Ben or JLo’s father, which is the rumour floating around (he’s a Scientologist). This is a friendship break, but I hope it’s not a breakup. I really liked them together.


While I was away, I of course texted Lainey constantly because gossip doesn’t sleep. I’ve been keeping tabs on the Beckhams vs. the Peltz-Beckhams and obviously I am biased but the Peltz-Beckhams are moving into sh-thead territory. A “source” told the Daily Mail that Nicola was never going to wear a dress designed by Victoria because “she has too many actually talented designer friends.’’ That’s nasty and, um, is Nicola talking to Victoria about talent? Hahahhahahahaha. The story continues that Victoria is heartbroken (I believe this) and Brooklyn is torn, but it’s surprisingly short on details about David. David is a very involved dad, the Beckhams move as a unit. You can say that a lot of things about how the Beckhams are fake, but not their parenting. I can’t imagine he’d be any less upset and he also reposted the Peltz-Beckham’s photoshoot from Vogue Hong Kong without mentioning Nicola. So why is Victoria getting all the flack? Also, Nicola may be able to pay the best PR people in the business but she’s kind of playing a dangerous game here by going up against her in-laws, who the British tabloids love to hate. If she pushes too far, which I think she is starting to, they will turn on her as well. It’s not like there’s any honour or loyalty there and there’s not a lot of love for billionaires or their children. It all comes down to which storyline will bait more clicks: is Victoria a monster-in-law or is Nicola a spoiled nepo baby? 


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis geeking out at the Rise of Resistance ride is totally understandable, I lost my mind the first time I saw those storm troopers and I’m not even into Star Wars. One thing I will never understand about celebrities who live in LA though is why they go to Disneyland on a long weekend (plus, it was insanely hot this weekend). They can go anytime so why go when it’s most crowded? Or maybe that’s part of the experience?

Mariah Carey also hit up a theme park and her only regret is wearing heels. She is superhuman in talent and in aura but even she has mortal traits. Does Mariah own sneakers? If not, will she now have to have a sneaker closet built?


If Gabrielle Union didn’t know this and film Twitter didn’t know this, then it’s worth posting. 

Nothing better than two crusty Brits. In this case, it’s just one crusty Brit but I do think Colin Firth will respond. This is as British as Hugh throwing a container of baked beans at a paparazzo, which in hindsight is also kind of iconic.