This is a couple of days old but an Enquirer cover with an out-of-contex “gotcha” picture and George Wallace’s caption is so simple and perfect.

Wait, did Kelly Rowland go to Beyoncé’s birthday party in a costume inspired by Beyoncé’s Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Power’s Goldmember?


"Love to love ya baby"

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This movie is going to educate so many people.

Like many 80s movies, Taylor Swift’s video director (that’s the only thing I know him by) wants to explain to you why you shouldn’t date good looking guys. Stay in your lane with the homely nerds if you wanted to be treated right, ladies.

Ya 19-year-old Chloe Grace Moretz playing a reporter sounds like Oscar bait.


#tiff2016 here we come #brainonfire

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James Wilkie is so grown up! Who do you think arranged this meet and greet, SJP? I think so, Mrs. West loves her.


See he smiles!!

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I like Zendaya’s stripes but I have a shirt like this and I look like a referee when I wear it.



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I wonder if in 5 months Amy Schumer is going to talk about how much she hated this party.


Learning my best angles

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