Baby Bodhi has really pretty eyes. And I guess he isn’t a baby anymore.


Bodhi: Stunner. Clown. Unicorn.

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It’s “look at celebrity children and feel old ” day. Look how big Miranda and Orlando’s son Flynn is!


Being a mother is the most precious gift ✨💞✨ #mommylife #skyscape

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Miley Cyrus, Linda Perry and Ellen Page promote Freeheld on Ellen. Is that a teardrop tattoo?

Younger finally has a season 2 premiere date.


You asked and we're giving you 1 hour of @youngerTV! Premieres Jan 12 10PM on @tvland! #YoungerSeason2

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Jaime King and Zendaya’s shot before the shot. Even though most of them want you to think they don’t plan their poses.

Jessica Biel talks about the rhythm method. I was married in a church, and we had to take these marriage prep courses and they taught us this method and gave us stickers to mark our days: green meant go, red meant stop and yellow meant you’re taking a chance. The person who taught it had 6 kids under 8 (including twins). All but one were unplanned.

Cute: Aaron Paul fangirls Elon Musk.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are still a thing. You would think with both of their profiles that you’d hear more about them, right? I only ever see them together on Instagram.


Day of birth celebration

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